di CLAy

Untitled performance

Poznan, Poland

August 1998

This site-specific work was devised and performed during the annual international festival ‘Inner Spaces’ in Poznan. Spectators entered one at a time and once in the otherwise empty space, they could see a sink, a pair of shears hanging on one wall and a blindfold on the wall opposite. I kept a tally of each person on the wall as they entered and when everyone was in the room I locked the door placing the key on a hook on the wall. I cut the garment into the same number of pieces as the tally count, and then, blindfolded, distributed them to the spectators.
The theme of the festival was ‘Dotyk’ which translated from Polish means ‘Touch’. Being in Poland for the first time, unable to speak the language, meeting a large group of international artists, visiting Auschwitz and Birkenau, and having a private studio in the Academy of Arts to work in for a week were all factors that influenced this performance.