di CLAy

Silver Car

Round House, London


During a New Year's Eve event at the Round House in Camden Town, while the band, The Cream, were playing, I drove a car amongst the people standing and dancing near the stage. A friend sat in the passenger seat beside me. We were both dressed from head to foot in silver – soft ‘helmets’ (in vogue at the time), silver mini culottes and silver tights.

I brought the car to a standstill at the foot of the stage, and the passenger and I got out of the car carrying large axes and began to smash the car with them. Gustav Metzger was projecting a liquid crystal slide show onto the band while they were performing.

Some artist friends stood round us, but were unable to hold back the crowds some of whom wanted to stop us destroying the car, whilst others wanted to help and take hold of the axes themselves.

This all happened before security guards could get to us and stop the mayhem that had ensued. No arrests were made.

I had been asked to participate in this action by another artist, whose name I no longer remember. Perhaps anyone reading this who remembers being there could contact me and substantiate my own memory. The only remnant I now possess is the silver garment that I wore and a copy of the original press release.