di CLAy

Fly On The Wall

Dilston Grove, London

August 2000

Installation made for ARK2000, an exhibition celebrating ten years of the Kunstbrucke/Artbridge Project by the Bermondsy Artists’ Group. Participating artists were given the name of an animal on which to base a piece of work for ARK2000 – mine was ‘fly’. When viewers peeped through a small hole in a wall they could read the words ‘What can you see?’ on the wall behind. There were a number of hexagon shapes made out of wallpaper in a box, with an invitation to respond to the question, if you were a fly on the wall, where would you like to be? As well as referring to the saying ‘If only I was a fly on the wall’, the hexagon shapes reflected the compound shape of a fly’s eye. A patchwork shape of hexagons grew around the peephole as people wrote their responses on them and stuck them to the wall.