di CLAy

Arts Labs Continuum Pop-up

In 2017 I found myself back in close touch with long-standing artist friends from my London Arts Lab days. We discussed the possibility of creating a small pop-up show linked back to our shared participation in the Arts Labs and showing some of the work we have each been engaged with since. For me that entailed creating work, referencing what I was doing in 1968 and my most recent work, Mapping Memory, a collaboration with writer Kate Swindlehurst.

We found a suitable venue at Spitalfields, the space was booked for early July and I began serious preparations for a site specific installation. This wasn’t completed because I suffered a serious stroke in June. Kate and my husband, Nick, with others in the exhibition, were able to put together a space showing my work in preparation.

A fuller account of the Pop-up can be found here: https://www.mappingmemory.co.uk/spitalfields-popup.html